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Clerk of Court and Sheriff want to warn public about phone scam


Sumter County Clerk of Court Jamie Campbell would like to notify the public about a recent scam regarding jury selection.

Citizens around Sumter County have gotten recorded phone calls from “Sumter County Court Services Division” asking people to leave a name and number and purporting to fine them for missing jury duty. Although the number may change, the current number is (803) 720-2807.

No such organization exists, Campbell said. If you are selected for jury duty, notifications are always done by mail, he said.


From the Administrator

So many projects!!! New!


So many projects!!!

Spring is just around the corner and your County government is hitting full stride.

We are in the second year of the 2014 “Penny for Progress” Capital Penny Sales Tax Projects. Several of these projects have gone through the “design and engineering” phase and are “ready for the big stage”.

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