• Demolition of Distressed Structures

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    Demolition of Distressed Structures

    With $1 million in funding, abandoned and/or distressed properties will be acquired and demolished. Land will be returned to the open market or serve as open space for recreation, parks or other natural uses. Funds will be used to identify nuisances and engage in a process of removing those structures from our community.

    Four properties so far have been demolished and clean up. Two of those -- the old Dairy Queen on Manning Avenue and the Old Club Mi-Ami on upper Broad Street -- were eyesores and health hazards to the general public. Properties at 109 South Harvin Street and 1135 Pocalla Road have been demolished as well. Two other properties -- 706 South Main Street and 415 East Liberty Street -- are slated to be torn down in the next 60-90 days.