• Weathering another storm ...

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    As we look back on the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, we here in Sumter were very fortunate.

    Yes, we activated our local Emergency Operation Center (EOC); we assembled our now very experienced, battle-tested emergency team members. Members of this team include Erik Hayes, Emergency Management Director; Donna Dew, Assistant Director (who managed and coordinated local efforts through open communication with State Emergency Management staff). Other key officials include staff from Fire, EMS, and City and County Law Enforcement.  Other County staff along with City personnel helped manage phone banks and provided media and social media releases to keep our citizens informed prior to the hurricanes, during the emergency, and after the weather event. Red Cross, along with the Department of Social Services, provided shelter locations at Mayewood Middle School and Sumter High School for those concerned about their safety.

    This information is being provided to let you know that we have assembled a great number of resources in equipment and personnel to go into action at a moment’s notice if the need arises. Sumter dodged a big bullet called Hurricane Florence, but our friends and neighbors just to the north and on the coast did not do as well. I am sure they too have trained professionals ready to meet the challenges ahead.

    Our prayers are with everyone who has been affected by Hurricane Florence.