Fire Department

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129 E Hampton Ave

Sumter, SC 29150
Phone: 803-436-2600
Fax: 803-436-2604
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Hours of Operation:

24 Hours a day





Fire Chief                                                               Karl Ford
Assistant Chief over City Operations               Ernie Dollard
Assistant Chief over County Operations         Doug Mathis

The Sumter Fire Department has the goals of protecting lives, emergency incident-stabilization, and property conservation throughout the County of Sumter.

The Fire Department strives to be a leader to our citizens in providing excellent fire service today and into the future, promoting professional goals and standards through fire prevention, training, and fire suppression activities.

All Emergency calls are dispatched through the 911 System.   Firefighters wear pagers to receive information on the location of fires, accidents, and emergency situations.   For all structure calls, three County stations are dispatched.   The volunteer stations have approximately a three minute response time to drive to the station after receiving a call, unlocking the building, driving the truck out and answering by radio that the truck is in route.

The City and County units back each other up on calls anywhere in the City or County that units are needed.


Sumter County Fire Department History




There is a constant, on-going commitment to reduce fire deaths and injuries in the Sumter area.   The Department personnel go into schools, churches, civic groups, and any place necessary where we can address these needs



The Department has a proactive, aggressive inspection division that addresses the need for up-dated fire codes and enforces the fire codes and life safety codes in place today.


The training program of the Sumter Fire Department exceeds the modern standards of professional training utilizing instructors inside the Department (Company Officers), the South Carolina Fire Academy, the National Fire Academy, the University of Georgia, and many other sources of education.



Personnel perform duties under a Fire Company type operation, utilizing the unity of command, whereby every Member answers to one (1) Supervisor.   This supports the span of control of one (1) supervisor to no more than four (4) members.


The Sumter Fire Department has personnel as follows:
  • 1 Chief
  • 2 Assistant Chief
  • 2 Administrative Assistant
  • 75 Shift Personnel, including:
    • 3 Battalion Chiefs
    • 6 Captains
    • 12 Lieutenants
    • 48 Engineers and Firefighters



The City of Sumter and the area known as Tax District #1 carries an ISO rating of class 2.   The rural portion of Sumter County known as Tax District #2 carries an ISO rating of class 4.



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