• 'Gamecock' sculpture on display at Sumter County Judicial Center

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    April 3 2019 Grainger McKoys Gamecock in Sumter County Judicial Center 1

    A work of art created by Sumter artist Grainger McKoy is now on display on the third floor of the Sumter County Judicial Center.

    The ‘Gamecock’ sculpture was commissioned to celebrate Sumter County’s 200th anniversary and to honor General Thomas Sumter, who earned that nickname for his tenacity in battling the British during the Revolutionary War.

    “The bird I chose to carve is known as a Brown Red Cock, and I was assured by the locals that his ancestors would have been strutting in our area long before our General did,” McKoy said on his website about the work, which was created in 2000.

    Sumter County Administrator Gary Mixon said the sculpture is meant to be enjoyed by the general public and has been in several locations.

    “We’re proud to have the Gamecock on display so folks can enjoy this work of art that honors our namesake,” he said.

    Helping install the Gamecock were McKoy’s niece Sullivan McKoy and Trey Parker.

    Sumter County Clerk of Court Jamie Campbell said Grainger McKoy is a “world-renowned artist and his sculpture really enhances our lobby.”

    The Gamecock is on display outside the Clerk of Court’s office on the third floor of the Judicial Center at 215 N. Harvin St., which is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. We ask visitors to please not touch the case.

    April 3 2019 Grainger McKoys Gamecock in Sumter County Judicial Center 3