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    Shot Pouch Greenway

    Construction of a new nature trail is underway, and by the end of 2022, a 3.4 mile pedestrian greenway will be a focal point for walking, biking and communing with the great outdoors.

    The Shot Pouch Greenway is a Penny for Progress project with $4 million dedicated to connect Dillon Park to Swan Lake-Iris Gardens with a paved walkway that runs alongside Shot Pouch Branch.

    City of Sumter Project Manager Jason Stoddard said in the Spring of 2022 the last phase of the Greenway is in progress as work from North Guignard Drive to Swan Lake is in full swing.

    "A lot of people are already using the Greenway as most of it is complete," he said. 

    It’s important for residents of Sumter County to have opportunities for recreation, said Administrator Gary Mixon.

    “Our Penny for Progress projects have invested in public safety and quality of life, along with our roads and recreation,” he said. “Dillon Park’s new football fields and the work going on now to build a new gym and renovate the old gym at our Haysnworth Street complex show our long-term commitment to recreation and quality of life. This new greenway will benefit us for many years to come.”

    Stoddard said a wooden bridge on Haynsworth Street spanning Shot Pouch Branch will be replaced with a steel bridge and a small wooden bridge in Dillon Park has been replaced.

    Sumter County Council Chairman James T. McCain Jr. applauded the project, and as an avid walker himself, he noted how walking paths and trails are very popular at both Dillon and Patriot parks.

    “This gives more Sumter residents a chance to get out and exercise so we can be a healthier community,” he said. “Exercise and fresh air can cure a lot of ails and I look forward to enjoying the Greenway.”

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