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    Sumter County’s C&D landfill is located at 2185 East Brewington Road in eastern Sumter County. The landfill is a state of the art Class II landfill designed to handle construction and demolition debris (C&D) generated in Sumter County.

    All vehicles are routed directly to disposal areas after passing over amodern digital scale that records the vehicle’s tonnage so that appropriate fees may be charged. All commercial businesses are assessed a fee to dispose of waste at the landfill. Sumter County citizens do not pay a disposal fee (tipping fee) for waste generated from their residence and residentially hauled.

    Tipping fees are assessed depending upon the type of waste disposed. A fee of $33.00 per ton is charged for C & D waste and $125.00 per ton for waste tires. Waste tires are collected and a private recycler contracted by the county hauls them to a recycling facility.

    Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) which is ‘wet trash’ or kitchen garbage is dropped off at the Waste Management® transfer station located adjacent to the property. Collection trucks are routed to the transfer station after passing over a scale. The tipping fee for MSW is $41.00 per ton. The trucks dump the waste on the ‘tipping floor’ where it is then loaded into transfer trucks. The MSW is hauled off site to a private MSW (Class III) landfill outside of Sumter County.

    dirtyloads-limbtrucks010In addition to the disposal areas at the landfill, the Sumter County landfill has a wood grinding facility for which citizens and commercial haulers may dispose of clean wood waste.

    cardboardopsatthelandfill011Also located at the site is a cardboard bailing facility where clean cardboard is collected, bailed, loaded and shipped off for recycling. The Facility also has a drop off area for E-scrap recycling. Residents may dispose of electronic waste such as televisions, computers and small appliances. These are placed on pallets, loaded and shipped to a recycling facility.