• Sumter County Council's Oct. 9, 2018 meeting

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    Sumter County Council Tuesday evening passed third reading on several matters during its regular meeting.

    City-County Planning Director George McGregor spoke to council members about first reading of a request to rezone just under four acres of land at 4690 Thomas Sumter Highway from General Commercial (GC) and Agricultural Conservation (AC) to Light Industrial-Warehouse (LI-W). The property is within the Military Protection District, and is a vacant and undeveloped piece of property. The applicant wants to open a metal fabrication business, he said. The Planning Commission recommends approval, he said. Councilman Artie Baker asked about what type of material the front of the building will be as it sits within the Highway Corridor Protection District.

    “We ask for higher quality design details,” McGregor said, “for the façade, landscaping, that sort of thing.”

    First reading passed.

    McGregor then spoke about third reading of a request to rezone two parcels of land, about 2.45 acres, at 2800 Dock Road and 0 Thomas Sumter Highway from General Commercial (GC) and Agricultural Conservation (AC) to all AC. There have been no changes since second reading, he said.

    Third reading passed.

    A request to add elementary and secondary schools to the Professional Office (PO), Neighborhood Commercial (NC), Limited Commercial (LC) and General Commercial (GC) zoning districts as a conditional use was next on the agenda, and McGregor said there have been no changes since second reading.

    Third reading passed.

    McGregor then spoke about third reading of a request to remove used auto parts from Light Industrial (LI) and only allowing that use in Heavy Industrial (HI) zoned districts. Councilman Eugene Baten voted against it. Third reading passed 5-1.

    Baker asked about development of Thomas Sumter Highway and how it might proceed. He expressed concern it could become overdeveloped without any standards, like S.C. 441 behind Shaw Air Force Base.

    McGregor said current design standards weren’t in place when Peach Orchard Road was developed behind the base. He also noted planning is underway for the next Comprehensive Plan. Public outreach and meetings will soon be held along with a more in-depth discussion of how that corridor should be developed, he said.

    Council then approved the calendar of its meetings for 2019, which can be found here.

    Sumter County Administrator Gary Mixon spoke about the county employees’ holiday calendar for 2019, noting that the only change is that council used to rotate Veterans Day and Election Day, but next year there’s no election.

    Vice Chairman Jimmy Byrd asked if Dec. 31 was considered for this year, and Mixon said a discussion was had among staff members, but there wasn’t the desire to press council for an additional day. Council then approved that calendar.

    Sumter County Attorney Johnathan Bryan spoke about third reading of an ordinance to transfer property on Jefferson Road to Becton, Dickinson and Company.

    Third reading passed.

    Bryan then spoke about an ordinance authorizing the appointment of Code Enforcement Officers by resolution, which passed unanimously. He then went back to a resolution to appoint and commission Code Enforcement Officers. After some discussion about whether zoning matters would fall under the purview of the Code Enforcement Officers, that resolution was deferred.

    Byrd then reported on an earlier Internal Affairs Committee meeting during which a number of folks were appointed to various boards and commission. Baten said he would like to see more African-Americans and women represented on the boards and for more people to know about the opportunities available to serve on the boards.

    Chairman James T. McCain Jr. said information about the boards and commissions is on the county’s website and that he agreed with Baten.

    Mixon briefed council members about Hurricane Michael and the actions taken by County Government thus far.

    The meeting adjourned at 6:36 p.m.