• Sumter County Council Feb. 11, 2020, meeting

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    Sumter County Council Tuesday evening entertained several items during its regular meeting.

    City-County Interim Planning Director Helen Roodman spoke to council members about a request to amend the site development plan for 3760 & 3770 Peach Orchard Road to permit deer and meat processing as a commercial activity and to revise and codify applicable development standards.

    First reading passed.

    She then spoke about a request to include specific requirements and definitions of donation bins. An amended version of this passed second reading.

    Roodman also spoke about third readings for:

    -         A request to rezone about two acres of land from Agricultural Conservation (AC) to General Commercial (GC) for land at 830 Race Track Road.

    -         A request to permit cemeteries in the Residential 15 (R-15) District as a conditional use.

    -         A request to amend off-street parking requirements for non-residential land uses regarding mini-warehouses and storage units.

    Third reading passed for all three requests.

    Councilman Charles Edens said the Land Use Committee met prior to the regular meeting and discussed donation bins and the cemetery issue but no action was taken.

    During the public comments portion of the meeting, James Huling bemoaned the pricing of High Hills Rural Water Co. Councilman Artie Baker explained he can go before the High Hills Rural Water Board. Councilman Chris Sumpter said he would speak with Huling after the meeting.

    Baker made a motion at 6:43 p.m. to enter Executive Session. At 7:05 p.m., Council Chairman James T. McCain Jr. said information was received about a personnel matter, but no action was taken and the meeting adjourned.