• Council approves two first readings for rezoning requests

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    Sumter County Council approved first reading of two rezoning requests during its regular meeting Tuesday evening.

    Sumter City-County Planning Director George McGregor spoke to council members about a request from Burke Watson Jr. to rezone a portion of 828 Bethel Church Road so that .8 acre of a 2.33 acre parcel is changed from Residential-15 (R-15) to General Commercial (GC).

    The parcel is split-zoned, which is common for highway corridors, and has had two businesses on it for quite some time, he said. The Land Use Plan calls for business development. The request is consistent with the 2030 Comprehensive Plan and the Planning Commission recommended approval, he said.

    First reading passed unanimously.

    McGregor spoke next about a request from Trotty McCarty to rezone five parcels in the 3800 and 3900 block of Camden Highway from Agricultural Conservation (AC) to Limited Commercial (LC).

    The request is to make the land uses conform, McGregor said, and for future uses. There are only certain uses that are able to go there, he said, noting the Military Protection District prefers commercial uses as opposed to residential uses.

    Planning staff and the Planning Commission both recommended approval, he said, and first reading passed unanimously.

    Councilman Artie Baker gave a report on an earlier Public Works and Solid Waste Committee meeting, which saw the approval of allocating $16,138 toward repairing railroad ties at Live Oak Industrial Park. Full council voted unanimous approval on that measure.

    Council member Vivian Fleming-McGhaney spoke briefly about a Technology and Personnel Committee meeting earlier. She said during the meeting, the item of discussion was a healthcare services card that offers discounts to residents of Sumter County. The committee voted to approve and full council voted unanimous approval as well. (NOTE: Assistant County Administrator Lorraine Dennis said Wednesday more information about this program is forthcoming in the very near future and will be made available to the general public.)

    Councilman Eugene Baten briefly discussed serving as a panelist for a meeting about R.E. Davis College Preparatory Academy and its future. McGhaney said she also served as a panelist.

    During the Public Comment portion of the meeting, Sumter County Human Resources Director Keysa Rogers noted that two students from the county’s Summer Youth Employment and Mentoring Program were in attendance. A total of 38 students are participating the program, she said.

    Willa Pembleton voiced her desire to hold a town hall meeting and voiced concerns about how the public is notified about pending land use matters before council.

    The meeting adjourned at 6:20 p.m.