• County Council's May 14, 2019 meeting

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    Sumter County Council Tuesday evening passed two first readings for rezoning requests, a third reading for rezoning and first reading of the budget ordinance.

    Council also passed third reading on a tethering ordinance.

    City-County Planning Director George McGregor spoke about a request to rezone 4.98 acres at 526 Godwin Street from Residential-15 (R-15) to Agricultural Conservation (AC).

    The property owners, the Jollys, want to rezone the land to continue operating a repair business. It’s in the Rural Development Area, he said.

    The Planning Commission recommended approval, as does planning staff, he said.

    First reading passed unanimously.

    McGregor then spoke about a request to rezone 45.78 acres of land at 1449 Camden Highway from AC to R-15.

    The property is essentially farmland at the intersection of Alice Drive and U.S. 521, which would see residential development.

    Rocky Knowlton plans to develop the property into low density, 20,000-square-foot lots with water and sewer already in place. A preliminary subdivision plan was submitted, he said.

    Under the Comprehensive Plan, it’s a Priority Development Area, he said, which could use higher density as there’s two five lane roads intersecting with a stoplight, and potential for more commercial development.

    Both the Planning Commission and planning staff recommend approval, he said.

    Next on the agenda was third reading of a request to rezone 74.69 acres on Beulah Cuttino Road from R-15 to AC.

    There have been no changes since first and second reading, McGregor said.

    Third reading passed unanimously.

    Sumter County Administrator Gary Mixon spoke about first reading of the Fiscal Year (FY) 2019-2020 budget ordinance, in title only.

    There is proposed revenues of $51,612,920, he said, with proposed expenditures of $51,882,002 for a proposed deficit of $268,082.

    “Of course this is a working number; we will continue to work with Council,” he said, referring to an upcoming budget workshop on May 21.

    Of the proposed budget, he said, “we will continue to work this number as we work through the budget process.”

    County Attorney Johnathan Bryan spoke about third reading of a tethering of dogs ordinance.

    Language was clarified and a provision was added that a dog under the auspice of Animal Control can be made available for adoption or fostering if no positive ID is made in six days, he said.

    Third reading passed unanimously.