• County Council passes two third readings, a first reading and a second reading

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    At the outset of Tuesday’s regular Sumter County meeting, City-County Zoning Administrator Helen Roodman spoke about first reading of a request to rezone a 74.69 acre parcel at 2384 Beulah Cuttino Road from Residential-15 (R-15) to Agricultural Conservation (AC).

    The applicants, Donnie and Robin Beard, own a fairly significant tract of land on the north side of Beulah Cuttino Road between U.S. 15 South and Tindal Road just south of the Lakewood Lakes subdivision, she said. Across the street is property with an agricultural zoning designation. Just south is a rural development planning area and west of the property is also a conservation preservation planning area.

    “So the request to rezone this property to an agricultural designation that is a less dense use is actually compatible with the adjacent Comp Plan designations,” Roodman said.

    It’s fairly heavily wooded today, she said, and part of it is planted pine trees. There’s also some wetlands on the west side of property that make it unsuitable for development overall, she said.

    The Beards want to subdivide a piece of the property, she said, closer to the center of tract that isn’t allowed under an R-15 designation. Also, long term plans really are for agricultural uses and not residential development, she said.

    There’s also a lack of sewer and water infrastructure, she said, and the Beards want to subdivide the land for a home and use the remainder for timber management and agricultural uses. The Planning Commission recommends approval and Planning Department staff concur, she said.

    First reading passed unanimously.


    Roodman then spoke about third reading of a request to rezone a five acre parcel at 4980-4984 Cane Savannah Road from AC to General Commercial (GC). No changes to request since second reading have been made, she said. Planning Commission recommended approval of GC, she said.

    Third reading passed unanimously.

    Roodman then spoke about third reading of a request from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office to add Outdoor Pistol, Rifle or Skeet Ranges to the Heavy Industrial (HI) District as a special exception.

    There have been no changes since second reading, she said.

    Third reading passed unanimously.

    Sumter County Attorney Johnathan Bryan spoke about second reading of an ordinance to amend Sumter County Code of Ordinances, Sections 6-19, 6-20 and 6-23 of Chapter 6, Article II, relating to dogs and other animals.

    New definitions for ‘tethering’ and ‘trolley line’ would be added.

    Tethering means attaching an animal to a stationary object by means of a chain, cable, rope, running line, harness or similar device. It shall not include the use of an appropriate leash to walk a dog. It shall not include appropriate leashes attached to trolley lines.

    Trolley line means a run line at least 10 feet in length between two pulley stop points suspended at least three feet above the dog’s head which allows five feet lateral movement for the dog on each side of the primary trolley line as measured on the ground. The secondary line attached to the dog shall have a rolling trolley freely moveable a distance of at least 10 feet along the primary line with a spring/shock absorber attachment and swivels at both ends. A trolley line must allow the dog free access to food, water and shelter and may restrain only one dog at a time. All collars must be made of nylon, leather or other durable and non-metallic material and must be fitted so as not to cause injury to the dog or embed itself in the dog’s neck.

    A new subsection, Bryan said, reasserts that any dog not positively identifiable may be humanely disposed after 10 days if unclaimed by the owner. Any dog that that is not positively identifiable after six days may be turned over to a humanitarian organization for the purposes of being fostered or adopted.

    Second reading passed unanimously.


    The Public Works Committee met earlier, Baker said, and all members were present to receive an overview of the roads system and the percentage of dirt roads and paved roads. No action was needed, he said. It was also decided to spend $9,960 to repair railroad spurs.

    Baker thanked McCain, Sumter County Administrator Gary Mixon and Clerk to Council Mary Blanding for their work on Ja Morant Day at Crestwood High School.

    “I just thought it went real well,” Baker said.

    McCain thanked fellow council members for attending that event.

    Mixon gave a report on the annual budget process and how there’s a workshop slated for the next council meeting, which will provide an opportunity to review a rough draft of the budget.

    During the next month and a half, work will proceed on the budget with the third and final reading slated for the first meeting in June, he said.

    There were no comments during the Public Comments portion and at 6:20 p.m. Baker made a motion to go into Executive Session.

    About four minutes later council members returned and made a motion to return and noted no action was taken during a discussion of a contractual matter.

    The meeting adjourned at 6:25 p.m.