Christmas tree recycling


Take Your Tree to a "Mulch" Better Place


 Don’t let your beautiful Christmas tree end up buried with the ugly trash. Take your Christmas tree to a “mulch” better place.   Recycle your Christmas tree with the annual “Grinding of the Greens” sponsored by Sumter County Keep America Beautiful, Clemson Extension Service, Sumter County Public Works, and the City of Sumter Public Services.

The purpose of the “Grinding of the Greens” is to reduce the number of trees going into the landfill and to provide mulch to residents.  Each tree can take up three to five cubic feet of space.  Landscape refuse such as leaves, grass clippings, limbs and even Christmas trees accounts for approximately 20 percent of the waste dumped in our landfills.  These valuable organic materials can easily be recycled and added back to the landscape as mulch.

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