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Fiscal, Tax, and Property Committee Agenda 04/10/12

Sumter County Council
Fiscal Tax and Property Meeting
April 10, 2012 - Held at 430 p.m.
Sumter County Administration Building
13 East Canal Street , Sumter, South Carolina


  1. Call to Order – Committee Chairman Eugene R. Baten
  1. Invocation
  1. Action On Agenda: 
  1. Items to Discuss

1.    Executive Session –It Is Necessary For Council To Hold An Executive Session To Discuss Matters Relating To:

  1. Discussion On An Economic Development Matter Pertaining To Industry.
  2. Discussion On A Potential Contractual Matter Pertaining To Santee Wateree Regional Transportation Authority. 

2.         Update and Discussion On I-95 Interchange Study

3.         Continued Discussion On Membership In Lake Marion Regional Water Agency.

4.         Preliminary Budget Presentation – Fiscal Year 2012-2013 Budget

5.         Additional Items: ______________________________________________________

    cc:        Committee Members – (Baten, Blanding, and Edens)

     Council Members:  Baker, Byrd, McGhaney, and Sanders

     Appropriate Staff and Community Members            


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