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Fiscal, Tax, and Property Committee Agenda 02/14/12

Sumter County Council
Fiscal, Tax, and Property Meeting
Tuesday, February 14, 2012 - Held at 4:30 p.m.
Sumter County Administration Building
13 East Canal Street , Sumter, South Carolina


  1. Call to Order – Committee Chairman Eugene R. Baten
  1. Invocation
  1. Action On Agenda: 
  1. Items to Discuss

1.    Executive Session –It Is Necessary For Council To Hold An Executive Session To Discuss Matters Relating To:

  1. Discussion On An Economic Development Matter
    • Pertaining To FILOT Agreement
    • Pertaining To Infrastructure Fund

2.         Request Granting Permission To Build New Chicken Houses Close To The Property Line.

3.         Discussion On Sweepstakes Promotions And Simulated Gambling Devices

4.         Discussion On Adopting An Interchange Through The SCDOT Transportation Enhancement Program

5.         Discussion Concerning Applying For A Federal Department of Transportation Nation Infrastructure Investment Grant Under The Full-Year Continuing Application.

6.         Additional Items: ______________________________________________________

    cc:        Committee Members – (Baten, Blanding, and Edens)

     Council Members:  Baker, Byrd, McGhaney, and Sanders

     Appropriate Staff and Community Members            


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