Budget Season

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May has approached and we have two months of number crunching to balance a $50 million budget for Sumter County Government operations.

For the past month, the Department Managers have been compiling and adjusting their budget line items to best reflect the needs of their current operations.  They also have to justify any requests above last years’ appropriations.  The Department Managers’ information along with the Finance Departments’ information will be provided to County Council over the next few months.  Upon several budget workshops, by law, County Council must approve a structurally balanced budget by June 30, 2017, for its new fiscal year beginning July 1, 2017.

While we have received a better grasp of our annual expenditures, the annual revenues picture is unclear.  Local taxes have been and continue to be very stable, but other revenue sources such as the State Revenue contribution to the Local Government Fund has been anything but stable and therefore unpredictable. 

Rest assured that the Department Managers, Finance Staff, and County Council will diligently work to provide a budget that will allow the best services to our citizens in Sumter County.

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